6 Fashion Items Every Woman Should Have This 2021

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Every woman deserves to have fine fashion items that not only make them look stylish but give them a sense of pride and accomplishment as well. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis indulging in these simple pleasures is not whimsical; it can actually be therapeutic to some.

For this year, what items do fashion experts recommend for women to buy? Here are six fashion items that you should strive to have this 2021:

Black face mask

This year marks the first year (and hopefully the last)that the pandemic has been raging on throughout the globe. Until now health authorities still ask people to wear a protective face covering such as face masks to minimize, if not fully eliminate, the risk of transmission. As such, among the must-have items for this year are face masks. But, not just any face masks.

There are black face masks that you can buy which are fashionable enough to add a touch of elegance to your outfit of the day. These items serve a dual purpose: offer a level of protection against COVID-19 and form part of your clothing ensemble.

The fact that you’re buying black face masks means that you won’t have to worry about what matching articles of clothing you should wear since black is a versatile color. Also, because they’re black, your face masks won’t look dirty after each use and while you’re using them in an area with lots of air contaminants such as smoke and dust.


Regardless of year or season, you can never go wrong buying jewelry items.

Whether you prefer the fancy, expensive ones made of precious metal and gemstones or you are keen to wear simpler ones such as porcelain animal necklaces, the idea is to get different pieces to adorn various body parts.

For example, you should have earrings, necklaces, watches, brooches, and chokers for your upper body. Meanwhile, invest in an anklet or a stylish belt that has a buckle that doubles as jewelry for your lower extremities.

When buying, don’t be concerned too much about the price of the jewelry pieces you’re purchasing, but with how they would suit your personality and blend well with your clothing. Price should take the backseat, since being fashionable is not about the dollars that your items command but about their aesthetic sensibility and how well they complement your personality.


These iconic fashion items are making their way back into current fashion trends, so it’s only fitting to pay homage to yesteryear by scoring some nice headscarves.

The beauty of these fashion products is how versatile they are: you can use them as typical head accents to keep your mane in place, but they could also serve as a nice touch to your outfit. There are also plenty of ways you can wear them, which makes them an excellent item to have if you’re the adventurous and creative type who loves experimenting


handbags concept

Handbags are among the most ubiquitous and timeless fashion items that any woman could invest in. So, they should be included in your list of must-haves for this year.

Aside from their aesthetic merits, handbags also serve very utilitarian purposes (although some would argue it should be the other way around): you can use them to place your essentials such as smartphone, touch-up kit, IDs, ATMs, cash, and other small items.

Some bags cost as much as a house (some, even more), and then some bags are stylish enough without making a pauper out of you.

Again, just like jewelry pieces, it’s not the number of zeros the handbag sells for, but the practical and aesthetic qualities it has and how perfectly it suits you. So, be sure to check if the handbag you’re eyeing to buy will actually look good on you and serve you well and not because it’s the most expensive one you can find.

Some nice dresses

Every woman should own at least one dress that is versatile enough to be worn on both formal and casual occasions. Some of the most attention-grabbing dress colors are red (seductive) and black (mysterious), but you could also go for white (innocent) and other colors that match your skin tone well.

There are plenty of fine dresses that you can buy online and from physical stores, although the pandemic makes online stores the safer option. However, be sure to check for previous buyers’ comments and see if the store has a return or replacement policy if the dress doesn’t fit you well.


To complete the look, you need some stylish shoes or boots, which should be an easy affair since many stores sell fashionable shoes at affordable prices.

When scouting, look for footwear that is durable, versatile, comfortable, and stylish enough to match your wardrobe. Always work with your budget since there is plenty of footwear that has these qualities at a price point that suits most buyers.

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