Sustainable Fashion vs. Fast Fashion: Staying Stylish without Chasing Trends

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In this day and age, everybody wants to stay in tune with the latest trends. Whether it be music, movies, or even diets, people feel the need to change with what is currently popular to keep with the times. With that being said, one topic of interest that is ever-changing is fashion, with it seemingly shifting as quickly as the wind. Paparazzi photographing models lounging around in specific brands, magazines claiming certain pieces as the biggest thing each season, a Facebook post of an outfit going viral—any of these things can put something in or out style.

It is safe to say that fashion is a force that can change as fast as a snap of a finger, causing a sudden spike in demand for various clothing and accessories each season. This has resulted in a phenomenon called fast fashion, a method formulated by the fashion industry where they make inexpensive apparel rapidly to adhere to the sudden demand and latest trends. The fast-fashion method allows businesses to earn more money and consumers to spend less money on a single purchase. However, fast fashion comes with some cons, which can outweigh whatever pros it has to offer.

What is Fast Fashion and Why You Should Go Sustainable Instead

Fast fashion is known to exploit overseas workers since they are often overworked and not given the best work conditions to produce the needed products in the given time frame. It also harms the environment, with the added waste from the fast production of products making the fashion industry just second to the oil industry when it comes to the world’s biggest polluters. And it might not possibly save as much money as you think since cheaper clothing is often poorly made. The clothing does not often last long, resulting in the need to buy more clothes in less time. In fact, on average, Americans produce about 75 pounds of textile waste per year because of the clothing they dispose of.

Swearing off fast fashion doesn’t mean you will have to stop being fashionable. One does not need to chase trends or need fast fashion to be stylish. You could always invest in sustainable fashion instead.

Sustainable fashion is clothing, shoes, accessories, and other aspects of fashion made, marketed, and used as sustainably as possible. It takes into consideration both the environment and the needs and wants of the consumers. A few examples of sustainable fashion forms include on-demand, custom-made, repair, redesign, upcycle, secondhand, and vintage. These are environment-friendly, worker-friendly, and consumer-friendly (since it can also help you save money).

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Getting Basic Pieces that Last for Seasons

The best way to get started with sustainable fashion is to invest in basic pieces that can stay stylish throughout the seasons. These include belts, bags, jewelry, and wardrobe basics such as the classic plain white t-shirt, denim jeans, and the oversized sweater. Just make sure that the fabrics are season-specific, so you don’t end up getting hypothermia to look chic during the colder months. However, you always have the option of investing in fabrics that can be worn throughout the year to extend your wardrobe.

All these clothing items can be purchased at low prices in many thrift stores and secondhand shops. You don’t always have to buy brand-new. Oftentimes, the best and most stylish clothing and accessories can be bought at thrift stores. If you are rather specific about what you wear, you can go for family-owned and operated businesses for classic and custom-made pieces at affordable prices. One example is Kravit Jewelers specializing in fashionable jewelry that lasts longer than cheap jewelry bought from retail stores. You not only get high-quality fashion pieces that fit your unique tastes, but you also support local businesses in the process.

Trying Trends without Overhauling Your Wardrobe

We have to admit that it can be very enticing for fashionistas to try new trends. However, you do not have to overhaul your entire wardrobe to do so. You can stay on trend by appropriately mixing and matching your clothes to fit what is in. With a good wardrobe raid, you can probably find an old dress or top that you can put together to create a season-savvy outfit.

Another affordable option is adding trending accessories instead of buying entire outfits. A cute scarf on your head or a pair of strappy heels can be enough to level up your white tee and jeans. You can transform your dresses with a braided belt or a fitted blazer. The accessories that you choose can make your entire outfit, so don’t be scared of buying small pieces for more impact. Just make sure that whatever new purchases you make are sustainable and match other items in your wardrobe.

Fashion trends come and go, and oftentimes we feel the need to follow them to stay current. If you want to, you can do so without hurting the environment or your pocket through sustainable fashion. Just remember that nothing will be more in style than your own style.

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