Beauty’s Influence in Building Women’s Self-Esteem

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Defining beauty has never been effortless, especially because of the ever-changing standards set by society. From the make-up looks to the fashion styles and even skincare habits, “beauty experts” have dictated how people should look like so that they can appear beautiful. Because of this, more people are pressured to meet whatever standard that the beauty industry has set. That is especially true for women because society puts a lot of expectations about how they should look, dress, and even behave. If you are one of those who are having a hard time meeting society’s standards about beauty, you are not alone.

Understanding the Reality behind the Beauty Trap

Society has placed a lot of women in the beauty trap. That means women are trying their best to fit in with the world’s definition of beauty. Unfortunately, most of them feel negative about their body and their entire appearance. A shocking survey even revealed that 97% of women hate their bodies. Some of them think that they are too fat or too thin. Others dread looking in the mirror because they don’t have clear skin. Some of them simply feel unappreciated because they don’t receive good comments about their looks as often as they expect.

That reveals how beauty standards can lower women’s confidence and self-esteem. The problem with today’s society is that women often base their beliefs and opinions on what they usually see. That is especially true when they browse social media pages, visit beauty blogs, or watch celebrities’ videos. They can’t help but compare their appearance with their favorite stars. They even get jealous when they see someone with clear skin, beautiful hairstyle, or wonderful outfits. If you can relate to these situations, you are also falling into the beauty trap. It’s dangerous if you keep allowing yourself to get dragged down with all the pressure and stress brought by high expectations about beauty.

Aiming for Beauty while Regaining Your Confidence

Most people have insecurities. Even your favorite celebrities have their insecurities. That only shows that people will always find something negative about their appearance at one point or another. It’s common, but you should know that it’s unhealthy to keep thinking that you are not beautiful enough for society. Instead of beating yourself up, focus on improving yourself. Don’t focus too much on your appearance alone. Try to teach yourself to concentrate on building confidence and self-esteem. Here are a few suggestions to help you:

  • Focus on staying healthy

Take care of your mind and body. Keep in mind that you look better if you are healthy and well. Even the color of your skin will glow and look younger if you take care of it properly. Eat a balanced diet as well, and don’t forget to drink lots of water.

  • Follow a beauty routine


Instead of copying celebrity’s skincare habits, focus on building your personal routine. For instance, you can use specific products such as mild facial wash, toner, and hydrating water-based serum to calm irritated skin and even out dark spots. You can also pick anti-acne products if it addresses your skin concerns. The key is to discover the best products for your skin type and condition.

  • Consider talking to a specialist

If you are having serious trouble in fixing your eating habits, consult a dietitian or a psychologist. If you have skin problems, talk to your dermatologist. In short, to ensure you implement the right solutions to your concerns, always consult experts. Don’t assume that you can fix issues on your own. Sometimes, you need to rely on professionals so you can get the right help you need.

You need to realize that a lot of beauty standards are too unrealistic. Also, you need to understand that being beautiful should not be dictated by other people except yourself. Thus, you need to start trying your best to be kinder to yourself. Remember, beauty depends on how you view yourself and not on how others think. Accept your appearance, avoid comparing yourself to other people, especially with celebrities. If you have some issues about your appearance, think carefully if you can do something about it. Find a solution and consult experts for advice. However, if you can’t change it, focus on changing your mindset instead. Don’t beat yourself up and keep reminding yourself that everyone is beautiful in their own ways. The key is to learn how to love everything about yourself, including your flaws. If you appreciate your own beauty, you don’t need other people to validate anything for you.

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