AAD Advisory: Lifestyle Choices to Achieve Younger Looking Skin

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No matter what you do as a woman, there are certain universal truths that you can’t do anything about. One example is the Earth’s turn. You really can’t stop it. You can bend over backward or do cartwheels but it won’t change a thing. It’s bound to happen whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, the same holds true for aging.

The good news is according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), lifestyle changes can help prevent some of the most noticeable signs of aging. So it’s not too late after all. Remember that AAD is composed of over 20,000 dermatologists that’s all board certified. So their words are worth their value in gold.

What’s more, AAD explains that two kinds of aging affect us: intrinsic aging and extrinsic aging. While aging that’s intrinsic has to do with our genes and may be outside our influence, extrinsic aging can be minimized as this is caused by environmental factors and lifestyle decisions.

In which case, making sure you wear sunscreen when you go out of your precious abode is a good start. And that should mean just about anywhere, even when it’s raining or on cloudy days. Harmful rays from the sun can lead to premature aging: wrinkles, sunspots. Added to that you should consider a drastic lifestyle change if you want to see the best results for your skin. Here are five to consider.

Stop Smoking

You may think all that puffing is unhealthy. And it’s true. You really won’t win with smoking. In the United States, 80% to 9 % of deaths by lung cancer can be traced to cigarette smoking. That should tell you to ditch the stick as soon as possible.

But there’s more. Smoking can also negatively affect your skin, AAD details. For one, nicotine narrows blood vessels. When that happens, oxygen that’s vital to the skin is reduced along with needed nutrients. The result is premature aging of your skin. Worse, un-inhaled smoke and heat take away needed skin moisture, damaging your skin further.

Take Care of Your Face

The face is the most easily noticeable part of your body. Thus, when people look at you, they can easily discern any premature signs of aging by just watching your face.

A good way to take care of your face is to wash it at least twice daily. Bear in mind that a good facewash doesn’t just mean a couple of makeup wipes. Do more. Make use of an oil-based cleanser, a good way to eliminate skin impurities without taking away skin moisture. Do the routine at least twice, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Use moisturizer as it can trap moisture giving your skin younger-looking. Moreover, if you’re noticing saggy skin and wrinkles are starting to crawl all over your face, PDO thread treatment should bid you well. The use of PDO threads reduces the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging. As a result, your face will look more plump and youthful.

To that end, enrolling in PDO thread seminars and workshops can go a long way in making the most of PDO threads. You not only master PDO techniques but also expand a business and serve more women.

Eat Right

Ditch the carbo overload. The cold, hard truth is sugar and refined carbs contribute to premature aging. The key to right eating is balance. Go for a balanced diet that has healthy fats, proteins, and antioxidants. If you’re having a hard time picturing that in your mind, think of fruits and vegetables.

In relation to this, you should steer clear of highly-glycemic foods (sugary foods). Instead, much on low-glycemic foods such as wholegrain and veggies. Take note that regular consumption of water flushes out unhealthy skin toxins making you look ever so radiant. If you’re not too sure, two liters of water daily should work best.

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Exercise Regularly

If you’ve been a couch potato all year through, we would understand that with the virus in circulation. But you’re actually sabotaging yourself when you do, the skin department including. Take note that exercising can boost your overall health (e.g., heart health, lungs), not to mention boost your mood. All this means you boost your immune system by sweating things out.

And that can lead you to younger-looking skin. If you holed up in your house for months on end, fret not. There are ways you can do cardio exercises right from home. Check out burpees and other ways to sweat it out when stuck.

Minimize Booze

Who doesn’t want to drink and mingle? Social drinking may be forgivable. You won’t have to worry if you just hit bottoms up every once in a while. But minimize the alcohol as it’s a diuretic. Diuretics rid water from your body, reason enough why you need more trips to the bathroom when you drink. Worse, it can dehydrate your skin, leaving your skin looking dry and rough.

It’s true. Making the right lifestyle choices can be an uphill climb. But it’s better to make a change now while you still can. That way, you can reap the jaw-dropping skin benefits thereafter.

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