Ready for a Furry Baby? Create a Dog-Friendly Home

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So you finally decided to get a dog. It’s not an easy decision to make. You have to think about how their necessities fit into your schedule. For example, you need to set aside time to walk them outside. You also have to consider their daily feeding, regular grooming, and routine veterinary checkups.

You’ll think about the budget, too. You have to compute how much you need to set aside monthly for their food, grooming services, and veterinary appointments costs. And of course, you have to make sure your home environment is ready for your new fur baby. How will you dog-proof your home?

Choose Furniture that Can Withstand Dog Damage

When dogs are bored, there’s a higher chance of them destroying your furniture. They might scratch and tear furniture fabric when they’re restless. They might turn the legs of your chairs and tables into a scratching post or chew any furniture they can get their paws on. Or when they’re feeling particularly rowdy, they might push your furniture around and topple over some lighter chairs.

These behaviors aren’t just a hassle to clean after, though. They can pose some serious hazards to your dog. For example, their nails might get caught on the fabric of the couch they’re scratching on. Or the chairs that topple over might fall on them.

So how do you choose the right handcrafted furniture that can withstand your fur baby’s boredom and mischief?

  • Make sure your furniture upholsters have minimal seams.

Dogs tend to chew on the seams of upholstered furniture. Those seams are the easiest target, after all. Prevent them from chewing on all your fabric-covered furniture by choosing chairs and couches that have minimal seams. These would be harder for them to chew on.

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  • Choose wooden furniture with a thick, high-quality finish.

Cats aren’t the only ones that are fond of scratching posts. Dogs also enjoy scratching on hard surfaces. So before they make a grungy artwork out of your wooden furniture, make sure these chairs and tables have a thick finish that protects against claws and dog slobber alike.

  • Opt for a durable fabric that withstands pet-related wear and tear.

Your couch can only so much dog slobber and overly excited scratching sessions. If you’re going to have a dog around, avoid delicate materials like silk and wool. Instead, opt for more durable and easier-to-clean fabrics like canvas, denim, and leather.

These tips are sure to save you the hassle of constantly repairing and replacing damaged furniture.

Learn How to Keep Dog Fur at Bay

Couches, chairs, and tables might end up looking older than they are because of fur that gets stuck on the surface. You won’t always have time to clean up, though. One of the easiest ways to keep your furniture looking clean is to replace them with items that match the color of your pet’s fur.

Another must-have for pet-friendly households: a lint roller. Simply roll it over some of your fabric furniture, and it’s good to go. Now, are you ready to bring your fur baby home?

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