Quarantine Beauty: How to Look Glam and Slay Under Lockdown

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In just a few weeks, the world as you knew it changed. For better or worse, no one could say, but everyone’s certain that they should stay indoors. To prevent the spread of the virus, everyone must do their part and follow the rules. But who says that you can’t follow the rules in style?

Things under the new normal have been different. Some work had been halted, while others were lucky enough to offer work from home. It’s a step that was necessary to halt the spread of the virus. There is a lot you can learn while staying at home: new skills, new languages, or things like how to do your own makeup, for starters.

There is an endless source of makeup tutorials, but I bet you’re dying to learn all by yourself. It’s better if you begin with the beauty regimens that will help you ride the pandemic out.

For the Face

There are treatments like face oils that help retain your youthful glow and make that skin shine. There are times when you don’t need that many facial skin treatments or makeup — certainly, you wouldn’t need that while staying at home. It’s also what some people wear under sunscreen.

For the Hair

Next to your face, your hair is the most noticeable part of you. Dyes are a good choice, especially if you’re starting to see slivers of silver there. If you’ve somehow managed to dye your hair successfully at home, you’ll want to keep it shiny and vibrant for a long time. A bottle of shampoo that protects color would come in handy. If you want to save up, look for products that also contain conditioner. Some shampoos keep the vibrant color for 10 washes, which is great if you’re trying to go for value for money.

Do-it-Yourself Spa at Home


Before you do this, a gentle reminder — you should do it before you use that rotating hair curler on your hair. The spa cleanses your hair more deeply than a shampoo and conditioner can. You’ll also notice a certain bounce if you finish it. Treatment for your hair doesn’t need to be expensive; if you’re doing it at home, ingredients from the kitchen are readily available for the DIY spa. Even the humble egg can help you get that salon luster at home.

Rest Your Eyes

One way is to use a cold compress on the eyes, so that they get relaxed in an instant. Another is to avoid constant looking into screens. When you’re working on the laptop, you’re always looking at a screen. The same goes for when you’re watching a film or browsing from your phone after work. Learn to detach from social media to rest your eyes.

Pamper Your Hands with Love

Your hands are also one of the parts of your body that may get tired easily. After a long day of typing reports and finishing documents, don’t you think it’s time you rested them? A simple manicure is easy to do while at home, and you won’t have trouble patching the cracking paint when there’s nail polish lying around. Just remember to prepare your nails properly first by clipping and filing them, then soak your hands in some lukewarm water. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands to achieve the maximum effect.

Paying attention to your face, haircare, and skincare regimen helps provide positive vibes during such a trying time. It’s about time you gave yourself some love!


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