5 Gift Ideas for Travelers


Choosing a gift for people who travel can often be tricky. Business and leisure travelers are a picky bunch, and no two people are alike, so finding the right gift can entail hours or even days of searching. And since they’re often on the move, you want to pick something useful and portable.

It doesn’t matter if you’re giving them something they can easily buy at the airport. The Changi Airport shopping experience has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years, and they can always get what they need there. But a gift is something heartfelt and personal.

Whether you’re buying a gift for a budget backpacker, a jet-setting professional, or an adventurer who seeks their thrills in the ends of the world, choosing something that will make their travel experiences better and more memorable should be your top priority. With that in mind, here are a few travel-friendly gift ideas for your globetrotting loved ones:

1. Packing cubes

Travelers rely on packing cubes to help them stay organized while traveling, and they’re a popular gift option. You’d be surprised by how much you can pack into a bag with a packing cube. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to cater to all types of travelers, from eco-friendly backpackers to luxury travelers.

Choose something made of thin but durable fabric. It’s also a good idea to give them a selection of sizes, such as extra-small, small, medium, and large.

2. Luggage lock

One great gift for budget travelers is a set of luggage locks. Budget backpackers tend to stay in communal hostels, and they need to bring their own travel locks to keep their lockers secure. While most hostels offer lock rentals, wouldn’t you rather they use their money for something more worthwhile?

3. Quick-dry towels

Not all hotels come stocked with towels, especially in budget establishments, so having your own travel towel comes handy in these situations. But don’t choose your regular bathroom towel, as they tend to be big and bulky and take a long time to dry. Look for quick-dry towels designed for travelers.

4. Travel adapter

There’s nothing more annoying than arriving in a different country only to realize you can’t charge your dead phone because the outlets are various. Travel adapters are a solution to that problem.

However, every country has its own socket type, and not all adapters cover every region. A travel adapter that you can use in Asia can’t be used in Europe, for example. Your safest bet is to give them a selection of adapters, so they just choose what they need when they travel.

travel budget5. Travel journal

One could argue that a phone is more convenient, but travel journals don’t need to be charged daily. With a travel journal, they can jot down quick notes, store important contact information, and many more. It also feels more personal, and they’ll have a memento of their travels once they return home.

Whether you’re buying something for a loved one or yourself, this list will help you find the perfect gift for travelers. There’s something in here for everyone that will make their travels memorable for all the right reasons.

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