Road to Sobriety: Navigating Sobriety During the Pandemic


So you want to start living a sober life? Good for you! Whether you are battling alcohol or substance abuse, the road to recovery can be a very difficult one. You can start by getting professional help and stay in a treatment center to facilitate your recovery. After that, you have the option to get back to your normal life. You may feel fresh and ready to start anew, but in reality, you could be very well susceptible to relapse.

According to statistics, 40% to 60% of people recovering from substance abuse experience a relapse. Some can have a mild slip-up after directly going back to their old habits and environment. Seeing things that bring memories of the addiction, stress, and even people connected to the abuse can tempt you to go back to square one. While there are different reasons one can experience a relapse, the pandemic is another cause of concern.

Why many people relapse during the pandemic

With all the social distancing and stay-at-home orders, it can be easy to feel anxious and agitated. Such negative feelings are another relapse trigger that forces many people to start craving for the very thing that already ruined their lives in the first place. How can one navigate sobriety when the pandemic is forcing everyone to maintain distance and isolate?

Sober living during the pandemic

woman lying on the couchWhen it comes to staying clean, women like you can live a sober life. It is an effective way to start your road to long-term addiction recovery. By having professionals guide you into developing new habits and learning new skills, you can finally avoid relapse despite the threat of the pandemic. The kind of community you become a part of can be the very support you need to stop yourself from succumbing to addiction. You can find your purpose and focus your energy during the program and navigate sobriety even with the presence of a world health crisis.

Even with the current pandemic, recovery homes are open to help people wanting to make a positive change in their lives. This is since technology can never replace meaningful connections when done face to face. Sober homes are doing their part in preventing community spread of the virus inside their facilities. This gives you the peace of mind, knowing that you are not only able to focus on your recovery. You can also ease your worries because you know that a protocol is in place to ensure the safety and sanity of everyone in the sober home.

Despite all the shelter-in-place orders, one can still manage to stay sober. There are tools you can utilize, people you can ask for help, and facilities that can help you recover. Of course, you will need to accept the fact that you need help and have the guts and willingness to stay clean to start living an addiction-free life.

What you need to realize is that you don’t need to take the road to sobriety alone and behind closed doors. Make use of your time to take better care of yourself, your mental health, and your loved ones. Maintain a structured routine. Avoid and learn how to cope with your triggers; don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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