Fun and Memorable Ways to Celebrate Your Bestie’s Birthday

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Everything, even the simplest of things, can become more meaningful when done with your best friend. Going to the mall, taking a walk through the park, or even lying down on the grass to look at the sky can be a fun experience when you are with them. You can also rely on them to have your back when the going gets tough. As such, there are times when we want to show them just how much we appreciate having them in our lives. Their birthday is an opportune moment to show this appreciation. What better way to show appreciation than to celebrate the day they came into this world? But how can you make them feel that their birthday is truly a special day? Don’t you worry because here are some awesome options you can do to make their birthday a memorable one for you both.

It’s All About the Location

Choose a place you can both go to that is a bit out of the ordinary. Before deciding on where you should go, think about what your friend loves to do. If your best friend is the adventurous type, consider going for a hike or mountain climbing. If they are the type who likes to listen to music and follow trends, get tickets to a concert by a band or artist they love. You can take it to the next level by having screen-printed T-shirts of the band or artist and wear them for the actual concert. Doing this can make the moment much more enjoyable. Plus, you two get a souvenir to remember it by.

If they are the type who loves food, take them to the place with the best food in the area. Chances are that it might cost you, but, hey, a birthday only comes once a year so, why not splurge a little. Wherever you decide to take them, what matters is that both of you get memorable moments that can be looked back on years from now.

To Gift or Not to Gift

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Gift-giving looks simple but is way more complex than it seems. A lot of people have different criteria when it comes to selecting a gift. Some consider the practicality of the item while others choose based on sentimental value. Other factors such as price, size, availability, and even color comes into play. To make it simple, I have a neat tip for you: If it’s for a colleague, get them something they need. If it’s for a close friend, get them something they want. Gift-giving can be simplified if you base it on how you are associated with the person. When choosing a gift for your best friend, would you rather go for a blender that they need or a cute sweater that they would want? I don’t know about you, but I’d pick the sweater.

However, there’s also the option of not giving a gift. Some people are uncomfortable with receiving gifts and feel guilt instead of gratitude when they receive one. Others just don’t like the concept at all. So before you decide on getting a gift, think about if your best friend would even want a gift. On the bright side, you can spend the money you saved from not getting them a gift on something they would enjoy more.

Make It Thematic

Whatever you decide to do or wherever you decide to go, it’s crucial to make it memorable and not just a generic trip. A theme can help make this possible. Deciding on a theme before setting out to celebrate can make the moment that much more memorable. Going out camping to celebrate their birthday? You can make it more interesting by dressing up as adventurers or wilderness explorers. Decided to go to a fancy Italian restaurant? Take it to the next level by dressing up in Italian fashion. ;

What about if their birthday is close to a holiday, like Christmas? Well, why not surprise them by showing up as Santa. Give them their gift coupled with your best attempt at doing his iconic “ho ho ho” laugh. Or dress up as something they are terrified of if their birthday is close to Halloween. Granted, scaring someone to start a birthday party is unusual, but, at the very least, it’s something they likely won’t forget.

Best friends and birthdays are two things that should be cherished and celebrated. In the end, it doesn’t particularly matter what you and your BFF decide to do. All that matters is that you both have fun and make some special memories that will last for life.

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