Career, Life, and Leisure: What Women Really Want Today

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For years, society has expected so much from women. But it’s time to set this straight. What do women really want?

If you ask women below 35, you’d probably be surprised with her answer. It may vary from career, traveling and adventure, starting a business, even shifting to a healthier lifestyle. Of course, this is reflective of the disposition of women today. The majority of women no longer tolerate the pressure on them to start a family life before turning 30.

This is different decades ago. Most women of the last generation would consider settling down before the age of 30, fearing the so-called “biological time clock.” But what does that actually mean? It means that women base their plans and future on their perceived ability or readiness of their bodies to conceive.

It is a common notion that women are most fit to bear a child before the age of 30. Beyond that, they are more prone to complications and problems. Reading that today can be shocking for most as it is no longer the norm. And to put it simply, that is also no longer the case. But that is something that women had to put themselves through for generations.

What’s beautiful and empowering is that women of today have forged their own path. They have created their lane. What makes them different is that they no longer bind themselves to what society expects from them. And these had unlocked so much more potential for the women of the modern age.

What does this mean for women in general? By foregoing the path of settling down early in life, it gives women the opportunity to enjoy what life has to offer. Women have become more adventurous and outgoing. They are adventurous and goal-oriented. They will not rest until they achieved what they set their eyes on.

Today, we see more women concentrate on their careers than start a family or settle down as soon as possible. Some of these career women find themselves in higher positions, something that is unthinkable decades before. Women are slowly closing the gap of the gender imbalance between male and female CEOs. In 2020, despite the seemingly unending tragic news, more women are now leading Fortune 500 companies. 41 women are now in the fold to be CEOs of some of the world’s biggest companies. It definitely marks a significant move in the right direction.

Yes, women still have a long way to go, but they are putting those cracks in that glass ceiling until it finally shatters. This accomplishment must be celebrated. Women for years have constantly been put to positions that are not that significant, especially for decision-making policies. This accomplishment opens thousands of opportunities for women to be in leadership positions, creating more spaces for women in the industry.

Because of the newfound autonomy and freedom, women are afforded to enjoy what life has to offer. Women today are now engaging in leisure activities and sports that were considered as a male-dominated interest before.  Prioritizing their career and financial independence has allowed them to make this decision.

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Just look how many women opting to see the world instead of settling down. Lots of them go on trips that would test their endurance and nerve. They are trying out new hobbies, like perhaps learning how to dive in some tropical island. Some of these activities can be hiking, scuba diving, cycling, even boxing.

These adrenaline-inducing activities are just some of what keeps women busy and fit these days. With this active lifestyle comes the importance of finding the best pair of hiking boots or the best scuba diving suit. Having an active lifestyle for many women is an investment, not only on the gear and clothing, for their own health. This was unthinkable for women before.

And who said that women who are now married must focus on homemaking and building a family. That notion is no longer the case for a lot of women. If you want to continue pursuing whatever passion or interest that you want. Just go for it! Women are not chained to do one thing and one thing only.

They should not be placed in a box. Their lives are what they make of it. It’s for them to be encouraged to take ownership of who they are and what they want. Demanding autonomy on their passions and skills is most important. And that also includes their lives.

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