Timeless Jewelry Trends That You Should Invest in Right Now

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The year 2020 was one of the saddest years for the fashion industry. Women found it impractical to shop for new clothes and jewelry since everyone has to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of wearing style pieces, people have to stick with pajamas, sweatpants, and oversized shirts. Women have to settle with their current wardrobe and previous purchases as malls and boutiques have to close their doors temporarily.

As some states slowly ease the strict measures this 2021, people are going out on the streets more often. But for fashion-forward women, this can be a great dilemma, especially if all they have are stocked-up style pieces. But this shouldn’t be a problem if you have a collection of timeless jewelry pieces in your closet.

To tell you the truth, there are plenty of jewelry trends that last forever. Even if you have temporarily retired some of your recently purchased pieces, there is a bigger chance that you will fish them out of the jewelry box again. With that in mind, here are some timeless jewelry trends that will keep you on-trend no matter what year it is.

Silver chain necklaces

If you are a fan of silver jewelry, we have good news for you. One of the most timeless and popular forms of silver jewelry is the chain necklace. Silver jewelry is a very versatile piece you can match with almost any outfit. A sterling silver necklace comes with a unique significance and beauty that remains simple and dainty enough for a casual day.

If you want an added flair, you can incorporate a charm pendant or a precious birthstone for something personalized. You can also add other symbols to represent your personality. Wear them if you want to add a dainty accent to your sleek, black gown or corporate outfit.

If you’re planning to give a personalized high-end jewelry piece for a lady, you will never go wrong with a silver necklace. They are also customizable and affordable than other precious metals.

Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystals are known for their sparkling and icy look that charmed millions of jewelry lovers for many generations. They come in elegant colors that look best when paired with silver or gold jewelry. Jewelry makers often incorporate Swarovski crystals in different jewelry styles to show their incredible shine and glimmer.

One of the great things about Swarovski crystals are their sparkly cut with a polished finish, producing a dazzling look in any jewelry setting.


pearl necklace

Pearls are largely known for their timeless nature. Although white pearls are the most popular variant, pearls come in different types, from freshwater, Tahitian, Akoya, South Sea, and more.

Pearls give off a glimmering look when paired with sterling silver jewelry. The polished look of sterling silver allows white pearls to enhance their features, giving them an upscale impression that can elevate the most elegant outfit.

A dainty set of pearl jewelry necklace and bracelet make a perfect combination for a summer accessory. But when it comes to casual days, a simple pearl earring is a brilliant match for a floral maxi dress or simple blouse and shorts. You can go for larger pearl jewelry if you are off to a black-tie event or any elegant occasion.

Pearl jewelry comes with different styles and vibes, ideal for any type of look, from laid back, sophisticated, icy, or tropical. But don’t forget to consider the size of pearl jewelry whether it is a casual day or a formal occasion.

Hoop earrings

Large hoop earrings are probably one of the staple jewelry styles for women who want to keep them playful yet low-key. They often go in and out of popularity, but their style remains simple and classic.

If you are planning to achieve a respectable and polished look, you can go for a small- or medium-sized gold hoop. During summer, opt for large gold hoop earrings with chunky details to complement your swimsuit or summer outfit.

But for those who go to work and attend social gatherings, a silver hoop earring is a perfect choice that gives off a sophisticated and charming impression.

Tennis bracelets

A tennis bracelet is another classic jewelry option that remains popular for many decades. While tennis bracelets can vary from yellow gold, platinum, and rose gold, the silver ones are the most in-demand. They vary from bulky to chunky pieces made from thin and simple metal details.

Tennis bracelets also make a great addition to bracelet stacks. They also look great on their own if you want to look delicate and sophisticated. Today, many celebrities have tried this fine jewelry trend and more jewelry designers have continuously reimagined the tennis bracelet for bold dressers and minimalists.

Regardless of the season or year, there is always a reason to wear and admire jewelry. When looking for the best jewelry that will remain in trend for many years to come, make sure to prioritize quality and personal taste. You may also want to invest in fine jewelry pieces that are high quality and authentic.

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