Fun Girl Bonding Ideas That Some People Just Don’t Get

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Whenever girls get together, it’s usually a riot. Either they will argue over the color of their hair or their favorite artist, or they will bond so much that they will spend the next 24 hours together. That’s not a generalization of how girls bond. It’s just the way we are wired. Whenever our group gets together, we usually spend more than five hours in a restaurant or café. We order until we are so full that we can no longer laugh or stand. Most people, men especially, find it weird that girls can spend so much time talking, but it’s actually the least weird bonding activities that we do.

Reminisce Using Old Photo Albums

Whether you and your girlfriends have just started hanging out or have been friends for decades, it’s nice to reminisce using old photo albums and scrapbooks. Girls are great listeners. They like telling stories about bygone days. Even your new girlfriends will want to hear about an ex back in high school or a friend who betrayed you and joined the other peer group. This is what bonds girls more—the ability to share so many things.

Watch Chick Flicks

Admit it; chick flicks are the best. Is it weird that girls can watch five chick flicks one after the other and be able to tell the difference? Top that experience off with a bowl of popcorn, champagne, and some chocolate bars, and it will be a day to remember. Nothing beats the old classics of Clueless, She’s All That, Bridesmaids, etc.

Play Dress Up

Even women in their 40s still love to dress up once in a while. They do it when they’re with friends. They meet in a nice restaurant, so they have an excuse to put on their best mini dress. But the weirdest bonding activity for girls is to visit a bridal store to try our wedding gowns. You and your girls haven’t done it? Then, you are missing out on a lot of great memories. Bridal stores are such great places because the staff is so accommodating, and they even give you a glass of champagne to celebrate your “big moment.”

Visit a Psychic

You wouldn’t find many men at a psychic’s table, but women are into that thing. Whether they believe it or not doesn’t matter. It’s usually a fun activity that they do with their girlfriends. They dissect what the psychic told them after. Some of them will even remember these things in the future.

Work out Together

Sweating isn’t as fun if girls can’t do it together. Though some prefer working out alone, some women do much better when they work out with their friends. It’s a nice motivation to see your friends doing well in the gym. Women lose more pounds and gain more muscles when they work out as a group. If you are working with women in the office, going to the gym is a nice activity to build the team.

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Community Service

Most men also do this now: serve the community. But way before this generation discovered the exhilarating feeling of helping other people, women have done it in big doses. They cooked pies for their neighbors. They bring fruits and flowers when their friends are sick. Serving people is a woman’s instinct. It is their love language.

Go to a Comedy Club

Women love comedy clubs. They live for it. Even if they get themselves maligned there, they can’t help watching some of these acts. Way before comedy podcasts, there were comedy clubs first. Many comedians made their names at these clubs.

Take a Pole-dancing Class

This is a big deal right now. Most women want to look like Jennifer Lopez when they turn 50. They figured taking pole-dancing classes will help them get in shape. And what better way to enjoy the experience than to do it with their girlfriends? It can be empowering to learn the timeless art of pole-dancing.

Chill Out

Whether with a bottle of beer, a glass of mimosa, or a hot cup of coffee, girls can chill out. They’re okay talking about anything under the sun with just a slice of cheesecake in front of them. That’s what makes girl bonding extra special—the amount of time each one gives up to spend time with their favorite girls.

When it comes to girl bonding activities, you will never be hard-pressed to find one that’s exciting and fun. Girls can spend a lot of time talking and doing nothing else. So, when you combine fun activities with their love for sharing stories, you are in for the surprise of your life.

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