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While we strongly approve of running and any form of exercise to get in shape, we can’t help but notice the vast majority of runners that forget the little things that matter! And, while these things don’t necessarily translate to beating your PR or increasing your running distance, they allow things to come full circle. So to help all our runners with their fitness journey, here are some things you will want to look into:

#1 Please, Clean Your Running Shoes!

Ah yes, your running shoes. The cornerstone of running equipment and the pair of kicks that have accompanied you through miles on end. However, due to all that running and sweat build-up, it has undoubtedly gotten very dirty in the process. And, if you haven’t tried cleaning them at least once, we suggest you start now.

  • Do away with foul odor: Running shoes, when left uncleaned and uncared for, can start to smell very funky. And because they’re on our feet, our noses don’t usually get a whiff of any foul odor until it’s gotten to its worst point. So if you don’t want your feet to start smelling the accumulation of a year’s worth of running, you should get to cleaning.
  • Keep them for long: As with any valuable item, cleaning and maintenance will increase their lifespan, and the same concept applies to your running shoes. If you love the pair of kicks you have right and want to run with them on more races; cleaning will help prolong their use and make them look brand new.

#2 Invest In Some Quality Activewear

Sadly, many runners pop on any matching top and shorts with their running shoes, get their stretching in, and start their run. And, while this does work, we suggest you invest in some quality activewear suited for running. You’ll be surprised at how much better it will feel, and it might even improve your time trials.

  • Comfort and breathability: One of the best features of activewear is increased comfort and breathability. The last thing you’ll want when running is to feel restricted and uncomfortable. You’ll end up stopping now and then to fix a few things up. Plus, it’s not hard to find quality activewear on a budget!
  • Protection: Running environments can be very unpredictable, and when it’s race day, the sun can be scorching hot or rain might suddenly overtake the skies. Appropriate activewear will offer you the adequate protection need to keep running without issue.

#3 You Only Do Running

Yes, we know how good running is for the body, but if that’s all you do, then you’re not doing much for your body in terms of shaping it to your goal. Of course, no one will dispute that running is a great cardio workout, but that’s precisely where it ends, which is why you need to more.

  • Try strength training: When it comes to working your muscles and promoting overall health, nothing holds a candle to strength training. It’s the best workout to compliment all the running you do, and all that heavy lifting will do wonders for toning your abs and sculpting that perfect booty!
  • Consider swimming: It’s nice to mix things up once in a while, and if you’re looking for an alternative to running, we suggest you try out swimming too. It improves your coordination, is a fantastic cardio workout, and trains the entire body, making it one of the most effective exercises choices out there.

#4 Getting A Physical Checkup

Having a checkupLast but not least, a lot of runners forget the importance of getting a regular physical checkup. And while to some it may seem over the top for the casual runner, checkups keep your body accountable and ensure your safety. So on top of staying consistent and determined with your running goals, translate that energy to getting checkups as well.

  • Identifies problems early: Much like any other exercise, running can be dangerous, and if you overdo it, the complications can leave you bed-ridden and off the roadwork. So make an appointment with your local sports clinic to undergo a full physical checkup. Also, consider getting in touch with a podiatrist to attend to your feet too.
  • Sports massage bonus: For the cherry on top, doctors and medical professionals who work with athletes might even offer a sports massage. So as an added benefit, why not loosen up those joints and release some tensed muscles.

Keep On Grinding!

Overall, we encourage all our runners to keep pushing to reach their goals. Just remember to pick up the little things we’ve pointed out, and you’re running journey is sure to fly by like a breeze. And if you have any other friends who’ve missed out on these things as well, be a catalyst of information and share the good vibes!

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