Wedding Theme: How Can You Plan and Prepare for Your Big Day?


A wedding is the most beautiful day every couple is looking forward to. This is when their union will be recognized and formalized by their friends, family, church, and community. Some weddings are based on tradition, while others are modern and different. Modern wedding themes are a mix of traditional and non-traditional, based on what the couple wants for their big day. Some prefer simple gatherings, and others want it different from the formal ceremony.

Many people dream of their partner getting down on one knee with a beautiful braided diamond engagement ring to propose and lead to a happily-ever-after. After that, a wedding celebrates the union of two people. Some factors about it remain the same despite several differences in themes and design.

If you’re tying the knot soon, here are some fun themes to use as inspiration for your big day:

Secret Garden Wedding

This type of event can be held in your backyard if you have a wonderful garden. This can be simpler than the traditional event; the outfits can be done in affordable ways. This theme is created with many flowers arranged in the venue. The reception can take place either at home or in another location.

Underwater Wedding

This event breaks the classic ceremony setting. The pastor, the couple, and entourage members can go underwater in scuba diving gear. This can be more expensive than the others because they need the equipment for the event. In another twist, the ceremony can be celebrated on the shore. Then, the newlyweds can take their first swim instead of a first dance. The reception can be on the beach, featuring a lot of seafood.

Destination Wedding

Wedding setting

This might be the most expensive because it will be done in a different location or possibly another country. There are cases where the family of the bride and the groom are the ones who pay for the airfare of the entourage members. It can also feature the places that the bride and groom have visited during their relationship.

Modern Wedding

This event features outfits that are often simpler than planned weddings. They can even be from the entourage members’ closets. The venue can be a small one that features modern-day furnishings or contemporary furniture. The ceremony and reception can be in the exact location. This can also showcase a centerpiece or any contemporary artwork at the venue. There are times that a modern wedding highlights the work or hobbies of the bride and groom.

Black-colored Wedding

This type is inspired by the Gothic style and showcases the bride in black. This can be considered non-traditional since black isn’t a standard color for a wedding. The venue can be decorated with black, gray, and white ornaments. The elegance of the color black and the magnificent effect that a Gothic design can create a timeless look.

Vintage Wedding

This theme can highlight classical Victorian-style dresses. This pays tribute to the elaborate and elegant royal-looking clothes, designs, decorations, and venue ideas. A vintage wedding can also incorporate vehicles that were famous during the era. The hairstyle of the bride, groom, and entourage should be inspired by the famous hairstyles of the chosen period. Cakes and other food served during the era can be recreated to complete the vintage experience.

Rustic Wedding

This showcases a theme inspired by country life. It takes ideas from the outdoors and uses nature-inspired theme designs. Rustic weddings use brown, yellow, and orange to give that rural vibe. This theme is inspired by the movement to have a sustainable lifestyle. This also highlights the DIY wedding theme trend that many see online. Pieces from nature inspire most decorations in this event. This also means that the budget is more cost-effective.

Musical Wedding

In a traditional wedding, the newlyweds have their first dance. However, with this theme, song and dance numbers are incorporated during the ceremony itself. The bride might walk down the aisle while rocking out with an electric guitar, or the entourage members present dance as they introduce the bride. The groom can also sing while walking. This non-traditional idea incorporates songs and dances in different intervals during the ceremony itself.

You can select from several themes when planning for your dream wedding. The designs, decorations, and layout can be based on how you picture your big day. Remember that whatever your decision is, your partner should also know and have a say in it. Taking that leap of faith and marrying the love of your life is the primary purpose of your wedding. However you plan your wedding day, it will be the most memorable moment for you and your partner.

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