Pet-friendly Activities: Wellness Activities You Can Try with Your Pets

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The bond between pets and human is immeasurable. Plenty of researches have attested about the positive association between mental health and pets. While in the pandemic, pets become the constant companions of families as they spend more time at home. According to research by the University of York, sharing a home with pets acts as a buffer in beating loneliness and psychological stress during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Indeed, there is no denying that pet ownership is one of the greatest pleasures in life. But aside from the giggles and companionship, the benefits of pet ownership offer incredible wonders for our health and well-being. Some of the most common benefits include improved mental health, reduced stress and anxiety, better heart health, and more.

But as we lock ourselves at home during this pandemic, we became prone to living a sedentary lifestyle. As parks and entertainment facilities shut down, we have limited options to play with our four-legged friends in the great outdoors. To help you and your furry friend develop a healthy wellness routine, here are some pet-friendly activities to do during the pandemic.

Go camping

Some people might think camping amid a pandemic is not feasible. In fact, it is possible to go camping only if you do it on private land. There are plenty of scenic sites you can visit with your pet to avoid the summer crowds. From llama farms, vineyards to wineries, families in the countryside gradually open their private lands to tent and RV camping. This is perfect for travellers who are seeking interesting spots to bond with their pets.

For owners travelling with pets and little children, make sure to bring eco-friendly utensils, such as bamboo tableware. This product consists of food-grade silicone, organic bamboo, and non-toxic materials, making them safe for children and pets.

Going camping with your pet comes with plenty of wellness benefits. Exploring a peaceful and quiet place lets you enjoy the simplicity of nature. You don’t need any device to keep you entertained, as the stunning scenery will leave you fresh and energized. It also eliminates common triggers of stress, such as work pressure. Instead of the typical urban noises, the sound of birds, trees, and crashing waves will provide a calming effect.

Camping on large acres of land makes a great exercise spot for you and your pet. Sitting on the grass with your pet or taking walks with them are great opportunities to meditate and connect with the outdoors. You can also bring their favourite toys to play fetch and run across large expansions of land.

When camping with your pet, never forget the responsibilities of a pet owner. Make sure to bring a travelling water bowl, plastic bags for pet waste, leash, pet food and treats, and other items to make their trip comfortable.

Create a pet-friendly garden

Since gardening turned into a huge trend during the pandemic, use the extra time to plant your own pet-friendly garden. For some homeowners, having a pet and a garden is not a good combination. Pets are known to ruin lawns and gardens by stomping and eating plants and relieving themselves on the grass. But there is a way to make plants and pets live harmoniously within the same yard.

Building a pet-friendly garden is a great wellness activity, where you can unwind by planting those flowers and greenery while your pet enjoys the sun as you work. To keep the pet out of the garden, create borders made of wooden fences, chicken wire, or driftwood. You can also create a paw-friendly path using small cedar chips where your pets can walk in without ruining the plants.

One of the common benefits of having a pet-friendly garden is an outdoor exercise spot where you and your pet can exercise, play, or enjoy the beauty of nature.

Make DIY pet toys

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Keeping yourself busy with DIY projects offers plenty of meditative effects that result in a higher level of awareness and deeper concentration. It can also affect stress responses by boosting the mood and reducing heart rate and blood pressure.

If you plan to get crafty, why not create DIY pet toys? Your house contains potential DIY pet toys waiting to be used, such as old towels, T-shirts, bedsheets, twine, and old PVC pipes. Get creative by transforming them into rope toys, cat towers, exercise tools, stuffed toys, and other items to keep them entertained.

Doing wellness activities is more fun when you do it with your pets. Like humans, pets need physical activities to keep themselves happy and in good shape. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to encourage your pets to develop healthy habits for their overall health. Not only will your pet benefit from it, but it also includes you as well.

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